Mosdos Koidenov B'Eretz Hakodesh operates three distinct
institutions/venues in Israel together with a central office and charitable funds, to wit:

i.      Tel Aviv Kiruv (Outreach Center) Synagogue in Dizengoff Square

Besides religious worship, this site also hosts post-graduate Rabbinic
studies(Kollel program) with guest lectures, a kiruv (outreach) center and

offers free weekly meals on the Sabbath.

ii.     Bnei Brak Synagogue

This synagogue conducts daily prayer services, hosts post-graduate
Rabbinic studies (Kollel program), weekly meals on the Sabbath,
Friday night tish and meals for special occasions.

iii.   Yeshiva Nachlas Aharon in Bnei Brak

This is the grantee’s Yeshiva (religious school). The student body
consists of boys in age range of 13-16.

iv.   Central Office for All the Venues located in Bnei Brak

v.     Chesed Funds (Charitable Works)

Operated to assist bridegrooms and needy families.


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